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David: Footsteps Of The King

We, too, can learn to live "after God's heart" if we will walk in the footsteps of King David! In this book, you will walk along with the shepherd king, discovering how to face down the giants that rise against you, how to patiently trust God when He puts you in His waiting room,  and how to lean on those mighty helpers that God will inevitably bring to you along the way.  Like this accomplished psalmist, we will learn to worship our great God, show kindness to the downtrodden, and much more.

Moses: A Man For The Ages     SOLD OUT

A life "for the ages" is one that continues to guide and shape many others long after our life has ended.  In this practical book, Pastor Jim Dykes helps us craft a life that will accomplish just that goal.

Tracing the life experiences of Moses, the great deliverer of Israel, you will learn about the sovereignty of God, the problem of discouragement and the victory of faith.  Pastor Dykes shows us how to hear the voice of God at the burning bush, how to face our Pharaohs as we grow in faith, and how to remain humble by remembering the lesson of unleavened bread.

Jesus In The Gospels     SOLD OUT

In this inspiring book, Pastor Jim Dykes helps you glean a thoroughly biblical view of Jesus by examining His birth, His baptism, and His kingdom agenda.  You will understand why Jesus hates hypocrisy and what He means when He calls us to authentic discipleship.  You will see His crucifixion in a new light and be stirred in your spirit, as you understand the power of His resurrection.

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