Life Coaching Class


Weaverville Campus

April 26th and May 3rd

Christ discipled His disciples by leading them in corporate worship, Bible study, ministry to their communities and beyond, and also met privately with them to coach them concerning their life and ministry. As a man or woman who is following Christ, maybe you have the first three areas of discipleship occurring in your life, but you do not have a life coach who can help you steer through life issues, while providing accountability and prayer support for you.

Pastor Kevin Boone will be leading the class “Life Coaching” that will meet once a week for only 2 weeks. The class will be about addressing areas of life such as Bible reading and prayer, finances, physical health, relationships, and many other important areas of spiritual development.

After the 2 classes are completed, each student will eventually be connected to a “life coach” who will continue to meet with them either one to one, or with 1-2 other people in a group. You can register today for this class.

6:30PM - 8:00PM

90 Griffee Rd.

Weaverville, NC 28787

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