Loving The Brookstone Family


October 10th - Project Date

Watch this infomational video about the "Loving The Brookstone Family" project.


The family of Brookstone is made up of many parts. We are blessed to be able to call Brookstone Church our home! Not only are the individual members of Brookstone a vital part of the ministry, but also the organizations we partner with. 

We have an incredible opportunity coming up that we will get to love on one of our own in the Brookstone family, Paula Stechman and her daughters. We also will love on our friends at the Black Mountain Children’s home. As this project unfolds, we will be able to tremendously bless Black Mountain children’s home and the Stechman family.

We will be partnering with Both Hands Foundation which is a new friend of Brookstone. Through Both Hands, all of the money that is raised during this project will go to directly bless the Black Mountain Children’s home!



How does the process work?

You will send a prefabricated letter provided at Information Center and the Front desk of each campus (we are providing free return labels, envelopes and will stamp the letters for you) with your personal touches added that state we are participating in a project that will help Paula Stechman, who is a widow at Brookstone, and will provide funding for orphan care through Black Mountain Home for Children.

The letters state that we will be working on Paula's home with materials that are freely donated from local hardware and building supply stores and we are asking the recipient to sponsor us with a donation for doing this. All the money that is raised will be sent directly to Black Mountain Home for Children from Both Hands Foundation.

Why is sending letters so important?

When writing and sending these letters, it adds a personal touch as well as spreads the word about Both Hands Foundation. It gets the word out about what we are being able to do for Paula as well as provide information about what the money that is raised for Black Mountain Home for Children will help fund.

How are the funds handled?

All donations brought in by letter or online via www.bothhands.org/BMCH-705 will be sent directly to Both Hands Foundation. Both Hands Foundation will then write a check after all the donations that are raised directly to Black Mountain Home for Children. Both Hands Foundation does not take any profits from the donations raised, they handle their operation funds separately through other fundraising events that are specific to those needs.

How do we get the supplies for the Home project?

Team leaders will ask local hardware and building supply stores to donate these supplies for this project. They are able to use this as a tax write off.

How many letters can I send out?

We ask that you send 10 mailed letters out to your co-workers, friends and family, but encourage you to send out more. Each letter is an opportunity to bless Black Mountain Home for Children as well; no donation is too small!

Can I send letters out by email?

Yes! Provided on the letter, there is a link, www.bothhands.org/BMCH-705 that you are able to share in an email that is the actual letter on the website. Using this link, the recipient will be able to donate as well as see the mission behind the project.

How does this bless Black Mountain Home for Children?

All funds raised will go directly to Black Mountain Home for Children by check from Both Hands Foundation. Due to COVID-19, BMH has not been able to fundraise as they normally would, so our goal is to bless them with $25,000 that they can put directly towards the orphan’s home.

How do I mail the letters and get supplies?

All supplies are FREE to you! Please stop by the Information Center and the Reception area at both campuses to receive letters to mail, envelopes, and return labels. When you are done putting addresses on them, bring them back to the Church and we will stamp them and send them out!

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