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Weaverville, NC

Full Time

Job Description

To provide the visionary leadership and oversight to the Campus Children’s Ministry (birth-5th grade) and Student Ministry (6th-12th grade). This position is a valuable member of the Campus Staff team that will help give leadership to families as they grow in making Jesus the center of their home.

Reports To

The Campus NEXT Gen Pastor is accountable to the Campus Pastor.


  • A deep love for the Lord, and a passion for the youth culture of Western North Carolina

  • An unhindered drive to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to invite students to trust Jesus as their savior from sin

  • Active prayer life

  • Be a member of Brookstone Church, abiding by church member covenant

  • Possess the qualifications of an elder (2 Timothy 3)

  • Proficient Biblical knowledge and understanding (Bachelors in Biblical Studies preferred)

  • Keep a healthy lifestyle physically, emotionally, and spiritually

  • Organized and able to plan for details

  • Ability to communicate effectively and correctly through written communication as well as orally

  • Ability to plan months in advance

  • Self-motivated but able to submit to authority and work on a team

  • Flexibility and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit’s direction

  • Emotional maturity, and ability to problem solve efficiently

  • Some experience in working with children’s and student ministry

  • Some experience working with/on church staff

  • Ability to communicate with staff through established channels and methods

Expectations and Job Duties



  • Develop a clearly defined vision and strategy for discipleship within the Campus Children’s and Student ministry that works in conjunction with the overall vision and ministry of Brookstone Church.

  • Develop and implement strategy for whole-family discipleship; working with families to equip and empower parents/families to disciple their children and students.

  • Provide oversight and planning for all aspects of Children’s and Student ministry programming at the campus level, including:  Sunday morning Children’s Worship, Eventual Sunday evening Student Worship, Vision-casting and planning for small community outreach events, Family events/programming.

  • Provide oversight to Children’s and Student Ministry budget and help develop the budgetary needs for the upcoming year at the campus level.

  • Be a visible leader on Sunday mornings and at many church-wide events and experiences.

  • Help lead and coach Youth Culture Leadership team of volunteers.

  • Be ready to preach and speak in various ministry contexts at Brookstone Church.

  • Be ready to give inspiration and lead parts of services from the stage at Youth Culture.

  • Help lead ministries within Brookstone Kids and Youth Culture in healthy growth spiritually and numerically, including weekly gatherings, community events, mission trips and small groups.

  • Recruit volunteers and build Brookstone Kids and Youth Culture Leadership Teams.

  • Regularly coordinate with Lead Brookstone Kids Pastor and Lead Youth Culture Pastor.



  1.  Maintain a vital and growing relationship with the Lord through consistent time in the Word and prayer.

  2. Commit to EE training.

  3. Strive to maintain and protect biblical priorities in the home.

  4. Model the practice of wise stewardship.

  5. Seek to maintain accountability through participation in a relational environment.

  6. Personal weekly worship attendance.


The Campus NEXT Gen Pastor will oversee a team of volunteers that serve in either of the children’s and student ministry areas


A competitive salary wage commensurate with experience will be provided.

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