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Facilities Assistant

Job Description



JOB PURPOSE: The Facilities Assistant will be responsible for the day-to-day maintenance and operation of the buildings/grounds to which they are assigned, to provide a clean, comfortable, worshipful atmosphere.

HOURS: Ability to work evenings and weekends.


  1. High School graduate or experience in a facilities/maintenance department or similar background.

  2. General handyman skills

  3. The ability to work independently, show initiative, and organize effectively.

  4. The ability to work under pressure, prioritize, and meet deadlines.

  5. A flexible approach to work and good communication skills.


  • Should always exhibit professionalism, demonstrated by a well-groomed appearance, conscientious work ethic, accountability, and a teachable spirit.

  • Should always exercise discernment and wise judgment.

  • Should always give extreme attention to details with an eye for excellence.

  • Should always seek new information, training, and resources as needed.

  • Should always handle complaints and problems with tact, patience, and diplomacy.

  • Should demonstrate the ability to follow instructions and ask necessary questions to ensure tasks and responsibilities are completed accurately.

  • Should be able to complete job duties to the specification set forth by the employer and in a manner that meets health, sanitation, and safety standards and policies including appropriate use of safety and protective equipment.

  • Solid working knowledge of cleaning supplies and equipment and how to maintain them.

  • Comfortable with basic landscaping and maintenance tasks.

  • Carry and monitor a two-way radio and cell phone while on duty at all times.

  • Ability to physically exert oneself, including lifting and carrying up to 60 pounds or more pounds with assistance.

  • Ability to work 8 hours on your feet, to stand, squat, kneel, bend, stoop, reach, and work from a ladder.

  • Ability to work outside in summer and winter conditions.

  • Ability to work evenings and weekends.

  • Ability to work at multiple campus locations.


  • ·Coordinate with Facilities Manager to prepare for meetings and events. Attend necessary staff meetings.

  • Responsible for monitoring Planning Center calendar and staying in the know about upcoming events taking place on campus. Coordinate with appropriate individuals when there are questions related to event set-ups.

  • Monitor inventory of facilities supplies and report needed items to Facilities Manager.

  • Monitor and restock necessary supplies in specified rooms/classrooms.

  • Monitor and change HVAC filters, light bulbs, batteries in plumbing fixtures, etc….

  • Light carpentry and dry-wall patching/repair.

  • Painting of classrooms/hallways as needed.

  • Responsible for setting up/breaking down room set-ups (tables, chairs, etc…).

  • Ability to use necessary software to monitor and make adjustments to the HVAC system on campus.

  • Check all firefighting equipment, alarm systems, and emergency lighting.

  • Carry out planned preventative maintenance works to ensure the continued problem-free operation of equipment and facilities within the building. All defects should be reported to the Facilities Manager.

  • Carry out reactive maintenance when things need repair or are broken.

  • Operate all necessary equipment to maintain and clean the facilities, including but not limited to, vacuum cleaners, buffers, mops, brooms, brushes, soaps, cleaning fluids, floor wax and other related and necessary equipment and supplies.

  • Prepare for and assist with special events.

  • Assist with the distribution of items delivered to campus from USPS, UPS, Fed Ex, etc…

  • Maintain positive and professional relationships with staff members, students, and the general public.

  • Maintain the security of all buildings and facilities, including opening and closing of all facilities and the locking and closing of doors and windows, and be prepared to be called out in the capacity of a key holder.

  • Assist with day-to-day management of contractors working within the building.

  • Assist in keeping up-to-date records related to facilities and maintenance.

  • Knowledge of security, fire, and evacuation procedures.

  • Help oversee any facilities/maintenance volunteers.

  • Operation of weed eater.

  • Trail maintenance

  • Weeding mulch beds

  • Use of a leaf blower

  • Provide snow removal on sidewalks and the use of ice melt if needed.

  • Assist in the hanging and removal of banners and signs.

  • Carry out all cleaning not covered in the cleaning contract, including removal of graffiti, removal of litter and debris, and disposal of trash.

  • Assist Facilities Director with other duties as assigned.

The above is intended to describe the general content and requirements for the performance of this job. It is not intended to be construed as an exhaustive statement of essential functions, responsibilities, or requirements.


A competitive salary wage commensurate with experience will be provided.

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