Lifegroup Notes



1.  Share what stood out to you from the service this past Sunday. (Passage, verse, point, illustration…)

2.  Read Esther 3:1-5. Discuss the possible reasons as to why Mordecai refused to bow down to Haman.

3.  Mordecai remained strong under the pressure from his adversary. Give examples of pressures that Christians face that we must stand against and be faithful to God and His Word.

4.  Romans 8 reminds us that if God is for us, nobody can stand against us. Share other passages that promise God’s strength and faithfulness to His people.

5.  Haman was given a position of prominence by the king among the people. What affect did this have on him?What lessons can we learn and apply to our lives from this?

6.  In Esther 6, Mordecai is honored by the king for his integrity. Share your practical takeaway from this passage of Scripture.

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