Brookstone Church Resuming On-Site Services


Brookstone family, we are excited that we have resumed our on-site services.


We want you to be safe with us, so you can find information below on how we will be resumed services during the COVID-19 outbreak.



Please do not worship with us on-site if you have any symptoms that would be cause of concern for COVID-19. Remember, while we are now free to worship together, we should still consider the health of others and remain home if you have any symptoms or know that you have been exposed to COVID-19.





Upon arrival, cars will be directed to specific parking areas in order to spread out how many people are entering/leaving through each entrance.


For your safety, volunteers will be stationed at and holding open all doors.


All open restrooms will be sanitized throughout the morning. 


The Brookstone Coffee Shop will be open to serve beverages, accepting cards only.


6’ markers will be taped on the floor for those waiting in line at the coffee shop.  Volunteers will be present to sanitize tables and countertops all morning.


Volunteers will be present to sanitize surfaces and handles in the hallways, Information Center and gathering areas throughout the morning.


Hand sanitizer stations and bottles will be available throughout the building.


Bulletins and our offering will continue to be online only (checks can be dropped in the main hallway drop box).


Children’s ministry will operate with a “No Touch” check in policy.  Only volunteers will touch the computer screens.  6’ marks will be taped on the floor for those waiting.


Children will be spread out among age groups as much as possible to minimize overcrowding any particular room.


Our Family Worship room will be open with socially distanced seating.





We will designate Room 268 (Weaverville Campus)  and the Fellowship Hall (Merrimon Campus) as “High Risk” seating areas where high-risk individuals who choose to worship on-site can enter/exit without interacting with larger crowds.  Please do not bring children into these spaces.


If you are a high risk individual, please enter the building through the second floor portico entrance at the Weaverville Campus and through the Ramp Room doors at the Merrimon Campus.