5 Ways to "Outsmart" Your Smart Phone

A smart phone can be an incredibly useful tool to help us thrive in life. It can also be a horrible master that overwhelms and distracts us. Here's 5 easy steps to more intentional use of your smartphone.

1. Grayscale your phone. (It's easy to convert back to color in just a few clicks for those who don't want to look at black and white photo's)

2. Hide apps in folders out of sight. The app designers make these bright and shiny to grab your attention like candy bar wrappers at check out lines. It plays to our impulsiveness.

3. Turn off notifications that aren't from actual human beings. Stop the beeping and buzzing madness! (Trust me, your family will thank you!)

4. Use an actual alarm clock, not your smartphone. Setting the phone out of reach while in bed is a huge step to take control.

5. Delete time-wasting apps. It's the ease of clicking on these that often traps you. Get rid of them. You'll still be able to visit those sites if they are essential and needed.

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