7 Reasons to Attend GroupLink

GroupLink is coming up on March 24th. This is a great way to find a LifeGroup at Brookstone. You may already be in a group, and if so, great! But if you aren't connected yet, here's 7 reasons to consider attending GroupLink:

  1. God made you for relationship- In Genesis 1:26, we learn that God made man in His image ("let us make man....in our image...after our likeness). God himself exists in relationship (God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit). Quite literally, every person on this planet has the imprint of the image of God. This imprint causes people to long for meaningful relationship and deep community. Because of sin, we all tend to turn inward, and the world around us promises "counterfeit" community. Let's lean in to the ways God has designed the world to work. Come find these relationships at GroupLink.

  2. Find a group. Be on mission- The gospel moves us outward. Groups have a unique ability to serve together and make a huge impact on our community. Groups can participate in serving their neighborhoods, serving our partner ministries, going on mission trips together, just to name a few. You are more likely to live on mission with a group.

  3. God wants to use you- Many times we are tempted to ask "what's in it for me?". Maybe that's the wrong question. Consider that God wants to use you to build up others at Brookstone. He's not looking for perfect people. He's looking for the available person who will take steps to follow Jesus and love others.

  4. Life is really hard- Every single person gets knocked down and discouraged. This shouldn't surprise us. We live in a fallen world. In 2nd Corinthians, Paul compares us to "jars of clay". Knowing that, we would be wise to surround ourselves with people who care about us and truly know us. When the waves of life hit, we need people next to us. The waves will hit. Don't wait until it's too late.

  5. GroupLink is easy. Relationships are not- Grouplink is just a 90 minute event to meet some people and find a group. The hard part starts when those people you group up with start to annoy you or disappoint you. Many times the reason we don't last with groups is because we have a false idea of relationships. We think that relationships should only be fun, easy, and happy. However, God designed for these "sandpaper" relationships in our lives to shape us and change us. Sandpaper doesn't feel great, but it's necessary. People speaking the truth to you in love might not always feel pleasant, but it's for our good.

  6. You are too busy- This is an odd reason to come to GroupLink right? The number one reason people don't do Lifegroup is because they are in a busy season of life and something has to go. It's counterintuitive to think adding a 2 hour weekly meeting to your schedule will help you navigate your already busy schedule, but consider the other benefits. When we cut our tie to Lifegroups, we are in a sense cutting a line of oxygen into our spiritual lives. Life is busy. We do need to prioritize our schedule. Just consider the things that are life giving. Don't cut those out.

  7. Participate in the great commission. Grow to be a disciple who makes disciples. Consider how God may want to grow you and use you to reach others and disciple them. Groups provide a great context to live that out and spur each other on. We don't naturally drift towards making disciples. We need intentional environments and accountability to encourage us towards this end goal. Imagine the results of hundreds of people striving to become disciples who make disciples together. That's reason enough to be a part of GroupLink!

And one bonus reason- "Laughter is good for the soul!". Come have a great time, meet some new friends, and find a group that is life-giving.

There are other reasons to attend GroupLink but I hope you'll consider these and take a moment to register here:


Hope to see you on March 24th!


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