Learning to be "Fully Present" in an World of Distraction

I find myself saying this more and more often. "Be fully present." Mostly I say it to myself to snap out of a distracted moment. I'll be halfway down a set of stairs and realize I have stopped to check an email or text or something. It's so easy to be distracted in today's world. Let's be fully present. I say this to myself a good bit. But I also say it to my kids more and more. Soak in the here and now. Don't worry about the online world that bombards our devices. Recently we went to visit the Arboretum to see the "Winter lights." As we walked through the garden trying to stay warm, our 8-year-old son wanted to use my phone to take some pictures of the lights. As soon as he finished taking the pictures, all 3 of our boys huddled around him to scroll through the pictures.... while entirely forgetting they were standing among the lights in that very moment! I decided then to set a new boundary for phones and photos. We can gladly use the phones to take pictures but we won't look at them until later when we are back at home. It's a small, silly example, but just one of many in which I find it harder and harder to live fully in the moment instead of giving in to the many distractions that pull our attention away from what really matters.

In the video below, Dr. Bruce Ashford shares a few guidelines for parents with kids about being present and not distracted. Let's continue learning together the best ways to navigate life in the digital age. It's not going anywhere. Hope you'll be able to join us on January 9th to continue this discussion.

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