Making Sense of Suffering: Recap and Resources

We hope the Equip Night was a help to those who attended last night. We want to invite you to come back on August 18th from 5-7 pm for our Prayer Gathering as we continue to walk together as a church in prayer.

Here's a few takeaways from last night:

It's important to have a Theology of Suffering BEFORE suffering hits. Pastor Jim gave us 3 planks to help build this strong platform so that when we go through pain and suffering we will be equipped to walk through the storms.

Theology of Suffering:

  • God Is Sovereign In Our Suffering 

  • There Is Purpose In Our Suffering 

  • God’s Grace Is Sufficient In Our Suffering

We also learned about Lamenting and the importance of practicing this prayer in pain. Lamenting gives us a pathway to walk from pain to eventual praise, and helps us to avoid the ditches of silence towards God and anger towards God.

The Four Movements of Lament:

(These are adapted from Dark Clouds, Deep Mercy- Mark Vroegop)

  • Turn- (Turn to God. Address God as you come to Him in prayer.)

  • Complain- (Bring your complaint. Identify in blunt language the specific pain or injustice. "Why" and "How" are often part of the complaint.)

  • Ask- (Ask boldly. Specifically call upon God to act in a manner that fits with His character and resolves your complaint.)

  • Trust- (Affirm God's worthiness to be trusted , and commit to praising Him.)

Video Testimonies:

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