Making Sense of Suffering: Where is God in the Midst of our Pain?

Pain and suffering are common experiences for every person who takes a breath on this earth. When it hits us, questions always arise. How could an all-powerful God allow such hard things into our lives? God either must not be fully sovereign and in control, or He must not be good. That's often the logic of those struggling with a season of suffering.

How should you respond to suffering? Do you respond with anger or distance from God? Do you turn inward and heap on guilt and shame for decisions you have made? Do you look for a scapegoat? Is it all about the enemy being out to get us? Is Satan behind all the pain and hardship that I experience? There's a well known sign on I-65 in Alabama that suggests as much: "Go to church...or the Devil will get you." It's debatable what the sign is actually warning against, but the fact is many times we interpret our pain and suffering to be entirely the making of Satan.

So how do we make sense of it all? Even more, how do we move toward choosing hope in the darkest seasons of life?

It's encouraging to know that God doesn't avoid these questions, in fact, there are entire books of the Bible that speak directly to the broken down, painful world we live in. (Take a moment to read through Psalms and Lamentations.) Our God entered into our suffering. Jesus coming to live on this earth full of pain and brokenness, and dying on the cross, is the amazing news that God can relate to our pain.

We hope you'll join us on Wednesday, August 7th for our next Equip Night as we seek to understand suffering, and learn how to walk from discouragement to freedom in light of gospel hope. Take a moment today to consider someone you know who might benefit from this night. You can learn more and register here:


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