Screens: Let's Continue to Learn Together

We hope the Equip Night was a help to those who attended last night. We are excited to offer more nights like these on a variety of relevant topics in the next few months.

As mentioned last night, we could only scratch the surface on the topic of Screens. We plan to interact with more of your questions over the next few weeks so keep an eye out for more to come.

Some takeaways from our evening:

  • We want to be aware of how Screens affect us, and take intentional steps towards healthy Screen use. Social Media can be a great tool, but also presents some pitfalls to be on guard against:

1. Comparison

2. Wasted Time

3. Zero Accountability

  • Tech Companies design everything in order to draw us in more and more with the amount of time we spend on Screens. Watch this video in full to learn more about an “insider perspective” on the design of devices and how we can be more aware of the temptations.

  • Be thoughtful with your "space" and "time" in regards to technology. It impacts us in both positive and negative ways. View the entire Andy Crouch video here to learn more:

Recommended Books:

The Tech Wise Family by Andy Crouch (

12 Ways Your Phone is Changing You by Tony Reinke

Recommended Tools and Websites:

  • “Plugged In” by Focus on the Family ( * features movie, video game, content reviews for parents, etc.

  • Common Sense Media ( * features content reviews, recommendations, and tools for parents and kids. * search under “Digital Life” for tools like Smart Phone/Media Use agreements.

  • ERLC ( * features articles and videos tackling current issues of life in the digital age.

  • Right Now Media ( * A good alternative to Netflix for your kids. Everyone at Brookstone has free access by creating a username/password online.

  • World News Magazine & World and Everything Podcast ( ( * Features news and content from a biblical worldview

  • Covenant Eyes ( * Features Internet Accountability and Filtering services

  • Humane Technology- ( * Features information about technology and practical steps to take control of smart phone by Tristan Harris.

  • Circle- ( * Allows families to manage content and time spent on internet and devices.

  • Bark-( (digital parenting service that monitors apps, text messages, youtube, etc)

Life in the digital world can be overwhelming and many times we stumble and fall. I encourage you to continue the conversation with your family, your Lifegroup, or anyone else who can help you to navigate life in the digital age.

Please make plans to join us for the next Equip Night coming up on February 6th:

“Paralyzed: Answers to dealing with Stress, Fear, and Anxiety”. Register Here:

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