"Worldview": Recap and Resources

We hope the Equip Night was a help to those who attended last night. We are excited to offer more nights like these on a variety of relevant topics later this summer. Again a special thanks to Terry Hollifield who served as our guest speaker. (You can follow Terry at www.whatandwhy.life or Find him on Facebook)

Here's a few takeaways from last night:


  • A worldview is the way someone views the world, and is what they use to navigate life.

  • A worldview is like a puzzle. It's important that it fits together properly and God has given us the "box top" of the puzzle to make sense of the world. It's important to consider whether the individual pieces of a worldview make sense when put together.

  • We should also consider whether a worldview fits with reality. Four important tests of truth for any worldview would be science, sound reason, history, and livability.

  • Thinking in terms of worldview is useful for growing as a disciple of Jesus as well as "taking the roof off" for unbelievers.

  • Current issues and hotly debated topics are the outworking of deeply held worldviews. It's important to get to the roots of what particular worldview is driving the laws, decisions, etc. that dominate the news cycle.

Recommended Books:

Tools & Websites:

Please make plans to join us for the next Equip Night coming up on August 7th:

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