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The Structure of the Dissertation Methodological Apparatus

The implementation of a research project involves the use of various techniques. It is impossible to study this or that question, to organize and conduct an experiment, based on one tool or method. When writing a course, diploma or dissertation work, it is important to use a whole range of methods, moreover, the final result and the way to achieve it may depend on the correct combination of these variations.

What research methods exist?

There are several classifications of research tools:

  • General scientific, which are applicable in any study, regardless of any factors, features and parameters. In general, it is impossible to do without these tools. They allow you to correctly collect and process information (and this is inevitable in any case!). This variety includes deduction, induction, abstraction, generalization, comparison, idealization, modeling, observation, experiment, etc.

  • Specialized, which are specific to a particular scientific field and are suitable for a particular direction, are applicable under certain conditions or the availability of certain information. In particular, such variations include legal modeling (permissible only in a legal environment), econometric methods (permissible in economic profiles), programming methods (depending on the programming language, program complexity), etc.

When writing dissertations, complex approaches to the formation of the methodological apparatus are used in the service. Here, the authors resort to the implementation of general scientific methods (more often when forming a theoretical chapter), as well as specialized ones (when writing and conducting an experimental part, taking into account the peculiarities of the topic and the chosen direction of preparation).

As a rule, the selection of dissertation methods occurs after the formation of the main part. Only after that the author can mark the tools that were useful to him when studying the topic. Moreover, only as the method is “tested” it is possible to evaluate its effectiveness and benefits, the possibility of replacing it with a more suitable method that will shorten the path to the intended goal and bring great benefits.

How to understand which research methods are applicable to your work?

The choice of research methods should be based on a number of factors: topic (direction, specifics), subject and object of research, purpose and objectives (based on the intended tasks, it becomes necessary to use specific techniques), information base, expediency of the experiment, etc.

Therefore, the description of the methodological apparatus of the dissertation is formed only after writing the main sections (theory and practice), that is, after the direct application of one or another combination of tools.

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