New Direction Mustard Seed

828-206-0495 David Walls, Director

DESCRIPTION OF AGENCY                                                   

New Direction Mustard Seed specializes in extensive long term care
(2-3 years) for single mothers and their children. We work with an underserved population of women who are hardworking (most in the service industry); who desire to move forward out of poverty cycle; have burdens too great for them to bear alone. We will only work with
those who are willing to do their part to become free.

We provide legal representation for unresolved custody issues; supplemental income to fill in gaps where needed; help pay off debt; provide professional counseling; budgeting; repair or replacement of unsafe automobiles; emergency medical or dental care; repair to homes.

We serve Madison, Buncombe, Henderson, Haywood, Yancey and Watauga counties.

VOLUNTEER PROCESS                                                          

We use volunteers as needed for events.


Janice L. Prock 828-989-0602

AGENCY NEEDS                                                                      

It is not unusual for our moms to come up short on money at the end of the week or month for groceries and gas. We use Ingles grocery/gas cards and Aldi’s grocery cards to help these families make it thru that time. Providing these cards would be extremely helpful. In addition, if would be helpful for groups (Women’s/Men’s Bible Groups, Lifegroups) Individuals to foster a family and help them with their needs to thrive.

AGENCY ANNUAL EVENTS                                                   

We would like more people to know of the work of New Direction Mustard Seed and the work they are doing for single families to grow, thrive and break ‘generational cycles’. It is possible to break free of old cycles!!

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