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Join our staff and pursue your calling.

We always bring our best.

Excellence honors God and inspires people.  The work we do brings the good news of hope, healing, and freedom to a world in need, so we can't settle for anthing less.


We believe there's nothing better than serving God with the people you love.

We laugh loud, hard, and often.  The work we get to do here is fun, challenging, rewarding, and we do it all to bring glory to Christ.

We'll do anything to reach people who don't know Christ.

For us, that means leveraging the latest technology, pursuing new ideas, and staying close to God's Word.  We empower leaders to be bold, solve problems, and take action.


Find your calling.

The Brookstone Coffee Shop exists under the jurisdiction of the Department of Agriculture to provide a warm and welcoming space where God is glorified and people can linger and connect, both during the week, and on Sundays. The coffee shop manager’s responsibilities are to run smooth day to day operations; bake some product; keep the kitchen organized and neat, following all Department of Agriculture guidelines and regulations; keep track of inventory, and to motivate volunteer staff to provide excellent customer service.

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