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 "Therefore, we are ambassadors for Christ, God making His appeal through us."   2 Corinthians 5:20


Men of Brookstone Ministry utilizes the three-fold training process adopted from the apologetics ministry "Stand To Reason". Every Ambassador for Christ should possess and be growing in the following qualities:

1.  Knowledge (Loving God the King with our mind through consistent Bible study, prayer, and the study of Christian apologetics)

2.  Wisdom (Living out the knowledge of God the King in skillful ways)

3.  Character (Living out the knowledge of God the King from the Holy Spirit's supernatural transforming of our hearts)


June 29th

Men of Brookstone, join Pastor Kevin Boone on the Appalachian Trail, North of Mars Hill, and hike to "High Rock". This hilly and shady hike is 3.3 miles (out and back) and classified as "moderate". The hike will begin at 8:00AM sharp. MORE INFO

July 13th

Men of Brookstone, join a hike on the Appalachian Trail from Sam’s Gap to Bald Mountain led by Evan Dykes and Paul Camper. This hike is rated as “Hard” by “All Trails”. The trail length is 12.7 miles (out and back).  MORE INFO

July 23rd

Men of Brookstone, join Pastor Kevin Boone for breakfast at Cornerstone Restaurant. MORE INFO

July 30th

Men's Talks with Pastor Sullivan Brady, 6:30AM - 7:00AM in the sanctuary.


August 16th

Men of Brookstone Bible Bootcamp,  in the sanctuary. MORE INFO


October 11-13th

Men's Spiritual Formation Fall Retreat at Sterchi Lodge at Max Patch. (more information will be given)

Men of Brookstone Morning Bible Study

NEW!  Pastor Kevin Boone's Men's Bible Study, Thursdays, 7:00AM, Room 267

Pastor Kevin Boone's Men's Bible Study, Thursdays, 8am, Room 267


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Men of Brookstone, be aware that we have 5 men who comprise our Men's Prayer Team. These men are praying for you to be a Spirit-filled Ambassador of Christ. You will occasionally get a text, email, or call from one of them asking if you have any prayer requests. You are never obligated to respond, but be assured that these men love you and want to engage with you should you desire or need to do so. 


At some point in an Ambassador's life, we will need counseling or mentoring. Brookstone has a counseling department for those of you who feel troubled in your soul and need someone to help you navigate through a hard season of life. In addition, Ambassadors need spiritual accountability through having a personal mentor. Our mentors can meet with you and coach you in areas of life you desire to grow in, both spiritually and physically. Should you desire to see a counselor or be connected to a mentor, we can provide either one for free. 

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Man Cave

Bible study and meal

Every Tuesday, ages 13 and up, from 6:00-8:30PM

Address: 202 Old Home School Rd, Asheville, 28904

Contact: Steve Ward, 1-828-230-4099

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Brookstone provides a training resource called "RightNow Media" in which you have free access to numerous digital Bible studies that stream directly to your computer, tablet, or mobile device. Scroll to the bottom of our website and find RightNow Media's information under the heading "Community". 

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