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A new dawn is upon college football, complete with a new trophy and all. Who plays for the National Championship will no longer be decided by two human polls, and six computers. Instead, a thirteen person selection committee of esteemed athletes, scholars, and journalist will decide who makes the four team playoff for the title.It's a system Big 12 fans may not be too thrilled with come January.As long as there's five power conferences or an AAC team possibly knocking on the door) someone is almost always going to be left on the outside looking in This year, that someone is likely to be the Big 12 Champion. To realize that, all we have to do i…


It's high noon... An in-control Sanders could be dangerous: Spencer Sanders doesn't want his coach to get any grief for starting him this season. He's ready to get started and prove himself as the leader for this Cowboy team Marqui Lowery Jersey. If he keeps his eye on the prize and stays true the player he is, it could be dangerous for Oklahoma State's opponents. "I was so big on getting the big play and stuff like that because I was young," Sanders said. "I wanted to go deep. I wanted a touchdown. I wanted to score. Now I'm more about patience, timing, get the first down. If I have a shot, I take the shot. But I'll t…

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