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Terms used to describe OSU's football season:·Crazy·Roller Coaster·Unpredictable·PsychoticWe were all perplexed The only thing we knew was if we expected them to win, they lost. When we expected them to get lathered up, they either won or came within a hair of doing so.Even Head Coach Mike Gundy has said "I don't have the answer. It's the dangdest thing I've ever seen."Despite our amateur analysis, we all had some idea what was coming last Saturday because we've all been paying attention during the previous eleven games.Hell, we had an inkling what was coming at Baylor because we watched the game in Manhattan.We could have guessed what happened in….well, honestly, nobody had any clue THAT was going to …


Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching. That means its time to put down your holiday lights and Mariah Carey Christmas music and appreciate Thanksgiving a little more! It also means that we are about to find out which teams are for real across the college football landscape. The second of five College Football Playoff rankings were released last Tuesday as teams approach the stretch run of the season. Let's take a look at where the Big 12 stands.TCU No. 10 Oklahoma StateOklahoma State has a lot going on this weekend. The Cowboys have branded their night game with TCU as a blackout game. It is also the Folds of Honor Military Appreciation Game for Oklahoma State. On top of all …

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