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What is Baptism All About?

A simple definition of baptism is to say that “baptism is a burial, not a bath.”  While some believe that baptism “washes” away our sins, the bible teaches that only the blood of Jesus Christ has the power to cleanse us from sin. 

Romans 6:1-4 teaches us that our baptism in water is a symbolic burial of our old life, which died when we were “baptized” into Christ by the Holy Spirit at the moment of our conversion. 

Because baptism signifies a burial, we only baptize by immersion.  Placing a person completely under water and then bringing them up again represents their being buried and then raised to a new life.

What Does Baptism Signify?

1.  You are publicly identifying with the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus.

2.  You have turned from your old life of sin and God has given you new life in Jesus.

3.  You’re “going public” with your relationship with Jesus.

How do I participate in the next baptism?

At Brookstone, we are so excited to celebrate your decision to follow Christ through baptism. We typically have a baptism service monthly. To schedule a meeting with a pastor to discuss your participation in the next baptism service, please CLICK HERE.

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