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Alongside Families

Alongside Families


DESCRIPTION OF AGENCY                                                   

When a parent who is isolated and living in poverty faces a crisis, their child may enter foster care simply because the family lacks a support system when they need one most.

God’s people, in partnership with Alongside Families are offering an alternative. We are connecting isolated families to teams within local church communities, offering a dignifying way for parents to ask for and get help. In reaching out, we help prevent families from being broken apart and surround those who are alone with the tangible love of God. Join us in creating family-like relationships that have impacts into eternity.

Please take 30 minutes out of your day to learn more about Alongside Families by viewing our Alongside Families Essentials video!

You will be asked to input your email address and create a password.

If you have any issues accessing the material, please reach out to

VOLUNTEER PROCESS                                                          


AGENCY NEEDS                                                                      

Volunteer Host Families, friends, coaches, financial gifts

AGENCY ANNUAL EVENTS                                                   

We have our End of Year Giving Campaign

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